Popular Professional Dota 2: A Surprise Return for Azure Ray.

Popular Professional Dota 2: A Surprise Return for Azure Ray.

Azure Ray, who is becoming more popular professional Dota 2, has done something unexpected. It looks like Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang, Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida, and Xu “fy” Linsen are all back on the scene. This makes an already strong squad even better. This team is known for bringing players out of retirement.

Popular Professional Dota 2: The New Things Added

It was announced on December 31 that coach Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng would be joining the three players. He had been away from the team for a short time. With these four improvements, Azure Ray will be even stronger.

Popular Professional Dota 2: Changes in the World of Dota

A lot of people left Azure Ray after they beat Gaimin Gladiators in the ESL One Kuala Lumpur grand final. They joined Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s new team, Xtreme Gaming. The team quickly filled in those gaps, though, with these impressive comebacks.

The Legends on Board

Three former stars from PSG.LGD were on the 2023 International roster for Azure Ray. Two of them have briefly quit competing, but fy will be back for the 2024 season.

Surprise Comes Back

It’s a surprise that two of China’s most famous names are coming back. Ori has been a midlaner for Vici Gaming for a long time. His best finish at The International was fourth place at TI11. The famous Wings Gaming offlaner Faith_bian was on the last Chinese team to win the Aegis of Champions in 2016.

Popular Professional Dota 2: Going back to the glory days

After doing well with EHOME, Faith_bian went back to PSG.LGD in 2020. After getting back together, they won the Riyadh Masters 2022, the WePlay AniMajor, and came in second at TI10. When these old players come back, it makes people in the Dota 2 community feel nostalgic and excited.

AR’s Good Year

Last year, Azure Ray became a bright spot in China. The team was formed in May and quickly became one of the region’s representatives at TI12, where they did very well and came in fourth. Their growing impact in the Dota 2 scene is shown by the fact that they can bring in top-tier talent, even from retirement.

Popular Professional Dota 2: The legendary duo

Azure Ray is keeping the safelane pair that helped the company win its first title. The team has also made an interesting off-lane pair with Faith_bian and fy. These two players, who are thought to be two of China’s best and most flexible, are working together for the first time. Fans are looking forward to seeing these stars play again once they get rid of the rust.

In conclusion, Azure Ray’s surprise additions have not only strengthened their team but also made the SLOT GAMPANG MENANG community very excited. As fans eagerly await the upcoming events to see the magic happen, these experienced players return to the competitive scene.