Operation Reinvent

OPERATION REINVENT ‘embraces’ women veterans from the time they leave military service, until they have successfully reinvented their lives and transitioned to a new normal… as happy, healthy, productive civilians in the workplace and in the community. During this process, which does not have an expiration date, OPERATION REINVENT does not let her fall between cracks or lose courage. It guides, mentors, educates and makes the transition process smoother, less confusing and less scary for the women who sacrificed so much in serving us all.

OPERATION REINVENT advocates for women veterans who right now have a 66% higher unemployment rate and are 4x more likely to be homeless than their male counterparts.

For women. By women. OPERATION REINVENT is the only full service program exclusively dedicated to women veterans. It contains every step necessary to give women veterans the confidence and the heightened self-esteem that comes from a polished professional image. From a well-constructed resume, winning interview tactics and understanding the language, currency and the culture of their new civilian workplace. And from regular, biweekly, woman veteran-to-woman veteran peer support that is so important to keep going on.

Reinvent in San Diego! See the video.

Our Butterfly


The butterfly in our logo represents the spirit and imagination—the metamorphosis—that a woman veteran goes through as she reinvents herself and spreads her wings to take flight in her civilian life.

Check out the OPERATION REINVENT 5K RUN! May 25th in Alexandria VA

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Our Programs

Project: Makeover


A complete beauty and wardrobe makeover for women veterans to look their best and land the right job.



Social networking website that connects women veterans to each other and gives them the resources and support to succeed.

Up Close & Personal

up close

Regular one-to-one personal contact between our ‘peer mentors’ and the women veterans.

Lace Up 4 Heroes


Local and national awareness-building program and donation revenue pipeline that benefits Operation Reinvent.

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

- Maya Angelou, Poet and Author

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